"Just want to let you know how grateful I am for the help and guidance you are giving our daughter. She is so much happier and I think she feels that she is getting her life back to a comfortable state. She has so much admiration for you. Thanks again."

"Dearest Ryann, I just wanted to write this letter to you, and let you know how blessed I was to be able to work with you.  You are honestly the best dietitian I have ever worked with. You have helped me come one step closer to recovery. You have always had faith in me that recovery was possible, even when I was thinking it was impossible, and I want you to know that just that little bit of faith you always had in me helped me never give up. You are awesome Ryann, and recovery would not have been possible without you. You helped me see the light again, and I can't thank you enough for that."

"At the start of the summer of 2012, I had a goal to lose a few pounds to get to a weight that would make me look like a ballerina; I have pursued the dream of becoming a professional dancer since I was three years old. Over a period of two and a half months, I lost fourteen pounds and wanted to lose more but after my dance coach benched me from dancing and requested that I see a psychologist and nutritionist, everything changed. Somehow my Mom found Ryann Smith.  In my head, I was trying to think of how I could get out of this. I told myself that I would have to lie and not listen to what people were telling me I had to do. But after meeting with Ryann Smith (my nutritionist) for the first time, my mindset began to change. When I saw her walk into my house; she looked like someone I could just talk to and actually be the first person I had been been completely honest to for a long time. When I talked to her, I wasn't worried that she would get angry for what I was going to say. She just listened to me talk with a face that looked understanding, like she completely knew how I felt. She didn't just tell me, you eat this and that. We created a meal plan together. She explained to me so many things that I had heard but didn't listen to because there was no reasoning behind them. She also was able to explain to me why I felt the way I did and what my eating disorder was doing to my life. I would tell her something that I was feeling and she would be able to explain it to me in a way that really made sense. She opened my eyes to so many things that I had never even thought of before. Every question I had, she had an answer to. After one visit I wasn't just automatically healthy. I still struggle and would tell her of my difficulties, and she would give me support, advice, and more information on why being healthy is so important. I still struggle today with my eating disorder, but Ryann is always there and she has been there every step of the way. I look forward to her visits. I believe that she is the reason that I got healthy. She cares about me and has become a role model for me. I am so glad that I met her. I have never met a more admirable, kind, understanding, and just enjoyable person to be around. I truly do believe that she saved my life."

"You may not know it, but besides helping our daughter, you helped me too. I am appreciative that you allow me to vent a bit and also to allow me to participate in my daughter's treatment. Don't underestimate the power of consolation that your words have to the families of the afflicted.  

"Thank you for all you did to "jump start" me... I am so grateful to you!"

"My 14 year old daughter developed an eating disorder in the summer of 2012. We were extremely fortunate to find Ryann to help our daughter on her path to recovery. From their initial meeting, Ryann was able to gain my daughter's trust as she helped her create a meal plan that she could follow to begin her program of healthy weight gain. With each ensuing week, Ryann would adjust her meal plan to introduce a greater variety of foods while helping her allay her fears of gaining weight through open, honest discussion about eating healthy to stay healthy. Ryann is an excellent role model for young teens dealing with eating disorders and body image struggles. Soon, my daughter began to look forward to Ryann's visits, often with a list of questions from challenges she encountered during the week. Each question was answered patiently, thoroughly and often with a little bit of humor thrown in! Today, my daughter is well on her way to managing her eating disorder. Ryann has helped to equip her with the knowledge and confidence she needs to keep herself healthy and learn to enjoy food again. The daughter we were losing over the summer has returned to us thanks in a large part to Ryann."

Ryann Smith, RD, LD/N


Registered Dietitian