Your body will thank you!

Ryann Smith, RD, LD/N

As a licensed and registered dietitian, Ryann provides nutrition consults for individuals wanting to improve their health and fitness. Ryann offers nutrition counseling and education on a number of topics including; meal planning, weight management, portion control, label reading, sports nutrition and grocery shopping just to name a few.

As a passionate health enthusiast herself, you will find Ryann is full of energy and motivation to help inspire you to achieve your nutrition, health and fitness goals.

Improve your relationship with food 

If you or your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder it is crucial you receive nutrition therapy from a dietitian who specializes in eating disorders. Ryann is an expert in the treatment of eating disorders. She empowers women with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder with the nutrition knowledge and confidence to lead happy, healthy lives.  

Ryann's Clients

The Renfrew Center:  Ryann worked for eight years as a dietitian at The Renfrew Center and now she works with Renfrew patients who have stepped down into the outpatient setting.  

Florida Atlantic University:  Ryann is the dietitian for the Florida Atlantic University sports teams. She provides nutrition seminars and individual nutrition consults.      

Ryann has a history of working as a subcontractor for the following businesses:  

     Palm Beach Fertility in Boca Raton

     South Florida Spine Center in Fort Lauderdale

     Florida Atlantic University

     Lynn University 

     Seagate Hotel's Vita Vie Spa Retreat in Delray Beach

     Bayview Therapeutic Services in Fort Lauderdale

     Wayside House in Delray Beach

Registered Dietitian